The Dry Line: A Novel Ramona Gault



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The Dry Line: A Novel  by  Ramona Gault

The Dry Line: A Novel by Ramona Gault
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Are we outlaws, Mom?Anna Darby doesnt answer. Shes not big on self-reflection, but she would do anything for her beloved daughter, Paris, except tell her about her soldier father, who was killed in Vietnam. Anna is running as fast as she can, trying to survive on her social worker paycheck in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1987. But when Paris gets into a scrape with the law, and an old friend asks for a big favor, Anna acts impetuously.As a result, she meets Cisco, a combat veteran who paints ghosts by day and rides the back roads on his Harley by night.

Will he be the love of her life, or the death of her? And can feisty Paris save Tonio, a strange, neglected boy who lives in a cave?The barely suppressed sorrows of the past erupt in a remote desert village, and Anna and Cisco must figure out whether, and how, they can heal.Author note: The Vietnam War ruptured many small towns throughout America, among them the rural villages of New Mexico. This story comes from my heart and goes to the Vietnam vets and war protestors alike who were broken by that war and somehow managed to find a way forward.

It is also for those who perished. You live in our hearts, dear ones!

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