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Self Inflicted  by  Harley Turner

Self Inflicted by Harley Turner
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To the world, seventeen year old Aurora seems like any other teenage girl looking for attention. Her short hair changes color as frequently as her mood. She doesn’t bother to hide her piercings or tattoos from the judging world of high school.The one thing she does hide is her scars.Aurora lost her mother to breast cancer when she was thirteen years old, leaving her workaholic father to raise the teenage girl on his own, which isnt easy since he is always away for work.

Author turns to cutting to deal with the emotional pain. Full of scars from her years of self-harm, Aurora still hides her pain. The only people who know about her self-destructive behavior is her best friend Liam, who also lost a family member to cancer, and her boyfriend Erik.Her relationship with Erik is an unhealthy as her cutting, but she doesn’t care what people say. She is in love. She justifies the abuse he does to her by something she had done to deserve it.Barely into her senior year of high school, Aurora finds out she is pregnant.

Erik had already proposed to her, and she was determined to make their relationship work.She didnt want her unborn child to know how it felt to grow up without a parent.Just before the wedding, Liam tells Aurora that he is being deployed and tells her something she never expected to hear from him, causing her world to turn upside down.How long will that love between Erik and Aurora last?

Will Aurora continue to make excuses for Erik? Will she stop cutting? What did Liam say to her before he left?Find out in Self Inflicted.

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